Here We Go Steelers!

2015 Season Opener

Big Ben and Antonio Brown takes on the New England Patriots to start the 2015 NFL SeasonWell, they’re about as ready as they are gonna get. With the impending opener tomorrow night against the Super Bowl Champs, the Steelers will try to right the wrongs from the past fourteen years since Tom Terrific took the field and beat us in the 2001 AFC Championship Game. Everyone knows the story, the agony of defeat, the ‘can’t seem to outsmart the genius coach and the prodigal son’ syndrome. What better scenario could any Yinzer hope for than the opportunity to put a crushing on these charmed cheaters, than to simply whoop their ass!

Whether or not that occurs remains to be seen, it’s safe to say the Offense will be productive on opening night and throughout the season, but of course the big question of “what about defense?” is not all that clearer even through their pre-season play. Certainly this Defense is a work in progress, no one is going to argue that, but at what cost? The Steelers will obviously need to put up a lot of points per game, but realistically, how often can they do that until the D starts to actually stop teams. The challenge in the opener will be just that, and remember Tom Terrific threw for close to 600 yards in their last meeting and over 50 points.


Even though Defensive Coordinator Keith Butler has been on board for the many years worth of shellackings the Pats have put upon the team, it would be unfair to say he may not have a leg up on his predecessor Dick Lebeau, though he did have a similar helpless look during the beatings he endured in the pre-season. We know that Coach Tomlin, with his many years at the helm and his Football savvy, is not going to outsmart the Genius Coach. So this game will certainly come down to attrition, and Veteran Players stepping up and taking control.

Conventional wisdom would point to the Pittsburgh Steelers as being the dominate team to go handle business, but unfortunately, we are a couple of years away from Steel Curtain #2, or three of four for that matter. Oh, but how bittersweet it would be to go up to Foxborough and let these Divas know they’re in a Football Game. I wouldn’t get my hopes to high on that, the Patriots are resilient if not strong in their convictions, and by that able to weather the storm better than most.


I can’t help think what a resounding collective round of applause would be heard if the Steelers do come out of this with a sound win, Steeler Fans are not the only Brady haters, especially those of us that live on the East Coast. The other thing that one has to wonder is if Deebo #92, lays somme good licks on Tom Terrific, will Commissioner Goodell give back some of the money he soaked Harrison for years back? Maybe …

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