The History Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are widely known as one of the most successful sports franchises ever, but winning didn’t come early on for a team that has been family owned and operated for over eighty years. The Steeler mystique has as much to do with a floundering organization as it does with being arguably the greatest football team in the history of the NFL. Here is their story

The Beginning

1933 – The Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates Professional Football Squad 1933In 1933 Arthur J. Rooney bought a pro football team and called them the Pittsburgh Pirates, the cost of the team was $2,500. He could have got them for less, but he was in a good mood and chose not to barter. But Art Rooney was always in a good mood, sports were his passion the opportunity to own his own football team was like a dream come true. And so what started out as a hobby for the North Side entrepreneur, would soon become a labor of love for the next forty years. That is until what many consider to be divine intervention when a single play would change not only the life of himself and his family, but his beloved city, a nation, and the entire world.

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The history of the Pittsburgh Steelers

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