Pouncey Injured

Ankle Injury Sidelines Steelers Center

The Steelers will enter the 2015 Season without Center Maurkice PounceyEasily one of the top five worst scenarios occurred yesterday when the Steelers squared off with Green Bay at Heinz Field, Pro Bowl Center Maurkice Pouncey is lost for an indeterminate amount of time after a Green Bay Defender rolled up on his left ankle. Also lost for the season was Green Bay receiver Jordy Nelson, who injured his ACL on a play where he wasn’t even touched. Loosing the anchor to your offense line is going to be challenge, but that is what Football is all about and if any team can overcome adversity, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maurkice Pouncey has had his share of problems with significant ailments since entering the NFL as a first round pick in 2010, two years ago missing the entire season when Right Guard David DeCastro rolled up on his right leg in game one of that season. It was a fluke of a play, and certainly just part of football, but a collective Damn! could be heard resinating throughout Steeler Nation.

If there were a positive note to be culled from this it would be that we reached Super Bowl #43, and Super Bowl #45 with back up centers, won #43, lost #45. Back up Cody Wallace will man that position moving forward, though he is talented and has seen his share of reps with the first team, replacing Maurkice Pouncey will not be an easy task.

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  1. […] the New Orleans starting defense, everyone was in sync and special note to the oft injured center Maurkice Pouncey, who looks as spry as ever and we’ll certainly keep our collective fingers crossed that he […]

  2. Believe it or not, steelinsane74’s comments reflect a dedicated and ardent fan, the fact that he knows the record from 1969 reflects that. If Coach Tomlin is the worse Coach in the NFL, even going 1-1 in SB’s in his first four years, that would make Marv Lewis better than him, having won 0 playoff games.

    Convoluted logic indeed, now on with the 2015 Season! GO STEELERS!!

  3. steelinsane74@aol.com

    Tomlin is the worse coach in the NFL a total joke my prediction for 2015 is the steelers go 2-14 worse season since 1969 but I would love 0-16 it would be like winning the superbowl

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