Super Bowl Bound

The Legacy

Was anyone really interested in seeing Tom Terrific go back to his sixth Super Bowl? I didn’t think so, and watching Tom get beat by his arch nemesis Peyton Manning, seemed a fitting way to send him and his genius Coach back to New England to ponder their future. In fact, though Tom Terrific is 3-2 in the Super Bowl, it seemed to pale with Peytons meager 1-1 during the spanking he took in Mile High Stadium for the AFC Championship. Actually, anytime we can watch Tom Terrific take a sound beating, it’s a good thing. Now of course that’s not in any way undermining the significance of him making the playoffs year after year, but if you’re a Steeler fan you’re not likely to forget any of the painful loses to New England in this lifetime.

So there you have it, the great Peyton suits up for his third trip to the Super Bowl and good for him. The media of course is all over the storyline that this is Peytons opportunity to cement his legacy as the great God of quarterbacks and blah, blah, blah… Certainly 2-1 is a respectable record for any Champion to have, assuming he wins SB 48, but what makes Peyton unique in this case is that he’s taken two different teams to the dance. Peyton has surely been much maligned throughout his career, primary because he spent many years at the top of the heap and couldn’t win the big one. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town and Peyton has arguably played his best football while with the Denver Bronco’s over the past two seasons. Along with that this man is in the twilight years of his NFL career, he’s had four neck surgeries, and he’s just gotten better.

The Kid

The upstart signal caller in Seattle has been a boy wonder since his rookie season a year ago. Simple fact is, Russell Wilson is the man, he’s past Big Ben for most wins in two years, and is also following Ben’s footsteps by appearing in the Super Bowl in his second year. Wilson is no slouch, and though he has a stellar defense, he seems to make those special plays when needed, much in same fashion as Big Ben. But this 2013 Seahawks is more about the sum of its part rather than any one player. The Seahawks Defense is certainly stout and unwavering, just the type of Defense you want to see in a Super Bowl, and there in lies the beauty of this match-up. If the Denver Defense can hold back Marshawn Lynch, it becomes a pretty even battle against the Seahawks offense. Peyton against the Seahawks Defense will prove to be a very strategical battle, Manning will have to pick and choose wisely because this is a game where turnovers play a significant role, as he found out against the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl 44.

At this point in his long career, there is nothing Peyton Manning hasn’t seen from a Defense and there aren’t many Defensive Coordinators that are going to outright fool him, so I’m going to look for Peyton to have the edge in this match-up. It will also be interesting to see how young Russell handles the nerves and excitement of being in the spotlight, early mistakes could bit him in the ass as well. But overall this is an great match-up, two deserving Championship teams squaring off in the games most storied event.

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